Is the Braun 3 Series 340s more than just an affordable shaver?

We all know Braun to be a popular manufacturer of most of the foil electric shavers as of today and we so desire to partake in the glamour of this brand. But the fact remains that Braun is an expensive brand, and most of us might find the Braun electric shaver very expensive. However, the Braun 3 series 340s is a cheap electric shaver.

But knowing how most of the Braun electric shavers come out very expensive. We are definitely left with one important question, which is; for the price will this shaver be more efficient to satisfy our personal needs. Well, this is why we are here. Together we are going to be going through all the features that come with this electric shaver and also the downsides.

Some Useful Features of the Braun Series 3 340s Electric shaver


Basically, this is an advance entry-level foil electric shaver that comes with features that can match the Philips Norelco 3D 1280/42. People with minimum needs will definitely not be attracted to any expensive electric shaver that comes with many advance features.

The Braun 340s is a very cheap electric shaver and with most of the things that comes with this shaver, I think it is definitely worth more than the price. Furthermore, the parts for this shaver are very cheap and affordable. This is cool because getting a new set of shaver head won’t have to be a problem. You can easily get a hold of a new set of head for less than $20.

Waterproof and Wet/Dry mode

Personally, I found the Braun 3 series 340s as a great shaver because it offers the wet and dry shaving mode and it is completely waterproof. This is a great addition because of the morning rush, with this you can get a shower and get a shave at the same time. I am personally attracted to any electric shaver that offers the wet/ dry technology, and mostly when it comes for an affordable price. With the fully-sealed body you can confidently apply shaving foams and gels while shaving in the shower.

Triple action cutting system & Triple Action FreeFloat System

This is super amazing. For a low price you can still get a better shaving experience. With the triple action cutting system you can get longer hairs cut down just as smaller hairs with just a few swings. With the freefloat system you get a better shaving performance even on a 3-day beard.

Senso Technology

This technology is a plus for people who need a much closer shave. This technology makes it easy to get a much closer shave. This feature is able to easily align the hairs on your face and get a much closer cut.

This technology is similar to what we can find in most recent and expensive electric shavers in the market as at today. In the Braun 9 series we have the Direct&Cut Technology, which functions just as the Senso Technology does on the Braun 3 series 340s.

Precision Trimmer

This is super cool. You can also satisfy your trimming needs with this electric shaver, I think the shaver is offering much for the price. The specially designed precision trimmer was added to trim beard, moustache or sideburns.

LED display

The Braun series 3 340s comes with a small LED display that help you know the progress of your charging and it also shows you the battery level, this way you know when it is time to charge the device.

What are the Downsides of the Braun 3 Series 340s

So we have talked about most of the great things we stand to gain from this electric shaver, but I think we should not leave out the downsides of this electric shaver.

If you have got a very thick beard, you need to look elsewhere. This should not be a big deal because it is difficult to find cheap electric shavers that works great on thick beard. Personally, I would advise you look into electric shavers like the Panasonic ES-LV81 Arc 5 and the Braun 9 series electric shavers.

My Personal Thought about this shaver

braun 3 series 340s 4The Braun 3 series 340s was developed way back in the year 2013, and despite it being an old electric shaver, I still consider it as one of the best cheap electric shavers. From all the above features stated above, I personally think the Braun 340s is more than just an affordable electric shaver. It is reliable, efficient and good for sensitive skins.

So if you need something simple or an electric shaver that can fix into your low budget, then I think you might want to consider the Braun 3 series 340s.