Rotary or Foil Electric Shavers – What is the difference?

Today we shall be discussing about the difference between rotary and foil electric shavers.


When we discuss about knowing the best electric shavers in the market, our focus actually is knowing that which is best for our needs. Therefore, it is advisable you consider the major factors of an electric shaver before making your purchase decision. I think the first thing anyone purchasing an electric shaver would want to consider, is if it is rotary or foil electric shavers. If this words sound new to you, don’t be afraid we would go deep into this below.

Electric Shavers usually come in two types: rotary and foil electric shavers. Each one of them has their own unique way of cutting hairs. It is important to know in details about this technology in order to make a better and efficient purchase decision.

Rotary Electric Shavers

Rotary shavers are created with three rotating heads that comes with spinning blades that can be found behind the circular shaped foils. As the blades rotate round they lift and then cut the beard and because of their heads stretching inside their housing, cuts are easily prevented, also tugs in the skin. Unlike the foil shaver, the rotary shaver is operating in a rotating pattern as it moves through the beard. For it to get a more better shave, it is suggested to stretch the skin by twisting the entrance over to one side while moving the shaver in a circular motion contrary to the path of the hair follicle.

A rotary shaver is best for people who do shave every couple of days, coarse hair, or hair which have a tendency of growing in separate directions.

Foil Electric Shavers

It was first patented in 1928 by an inventor from America before it was further developed in 1937 by Remington. The foil electric shavers make use of oscillating cutters which are placed in a mesh foil. The blades on a foil shaver are all placed in a line, and depending on the model will be in rows ranging from 1-5 blades, and the foil comes with tiny hole. While shaving with this type of electric shavers, the hairs passes through the holes in the foil, the cutters (beneath the foil) then moves quickly to smoothly cut the hairs from side to side. Single foil shavers are just good for beards that grow slowly while double and triple-foil electric shavers cut much faster and give better experience.

The foil was created with the intention of protecting the skin from getting cut by the rotary cutters. So, the foil has to be very to be able to get the blades as close to the skin as possible, to give a much closer shave. If the foil is broken or cracked, it can cause serious harm to the skin. So it is advisable to change any damaged foil immediately when noticed.

It is known that the foil electric shavers offer a much closer shave than the rotary electric shavers. However, they are not good in cutting longer and wayward hairs. Foil shavers are arranged in an up and down or side-to-side motion through the beard region, lifting the hair into the foil mesh with a light pressure. Braun known to be one of the best electric shavers in the market carries an extensive line of foil shavers and is most likely the manufacturer of foil electric shavers. However, Panasonic and Remington also have a long line of foil electric shavers.

Foil shavers are best for people who shave every day, with hairs that grow properly straight or if you want to experience a very close shave.

How you can get the best from a Foil or Rotary Electric Shaver

In order to keeps your electric shaver working in its best performance, complete and thorough maintenance is highly compulsory. It should be cleaned thoroughly and a regular basis, thanks to advance technology, some electric shavers now come with a cleaning station that help in reducing the effort in cleaning the electric shaver. Foil or Rotary Electric Shavers are delicate, therefore, it need to be handled with complete care. You need to make sure that your electric shaver have “waterproof” feature before you think of running the entire shaver under water. Some electric shavers comes with “water resistant” feature but not waterproof, meaning the user can only run the head of the electric shaver under water but not the entire shaver. So ensure to check the features of your electric shaver before using or read our post on electric shavers reviews guide. Furthermore, also ensure to replace cutters, foils and heads as needed.

The foil or rotary electric shavers both give great shave and long lasting experience when handled with care. It all depends on your personal needs. Please Read our other post on Braun 9 Series (the latest Braun Series) and you can check our guide on the choosing the best electric shavers