Philips HS8460 Men’s Electric Shaver with Nivea for a Smoother Skin

The Philips Nivea HS8460 is an innovative shaving system that comes with a built-in NIVEA FOR MEN GEL that gives a very close and refreshing shave without causing nick and cuts.  This device comes with an improved Lift & Cut system.

The Philips Norelco is known for their high performance electric shavers. They have been manufacturing electric razor for a very long time and their Nivea model has really proven to be an advanced electric shaver, mostly the Phillips HS8460 Nivea Men’s electric shaver.

I have always found electric shavers more beneficial than the traditional shavers. The close shave and the elimination of skin irritation are really outstanding.

The Phillips HS8460 is not a cheap electric shaver, so as other high end electric shavers in the market today. The glamour of having a shaving lotion that could easily be dispensed into your face directly from the electric shaver and also supporting wet shaving is totally worth every penny.

But what makes this shaver a considerable shaver?


Easy to use

The Phillips HS8460 is a small and lightweight electric shaver. This makes it more comfortable and easy to use. It does not make much noise or vibrates like most other men’s electric shavers in the market.

Waterproof and Wet shaving

The Philips HS8460 men’s electric shaver can be used in a shower. The device is completely waterproof and there is no risk of it getting spoilt when used in the shower. This is a great feature for me because I love to shower and shave at the same time. This way I can be ready in no time (great for the early morning rush).

The Built in Nivea for Philips HS8460 Men’s electric shaver

Philips Nivea HS8460 Men’s Electric Shaver for a Smoother Skin

The Nivea shaving lotion can easily be dispensed into your face directly from the electric shaver where it glides along the skin much easily and plays the role of a lubricant and also moisturizer for the skin. If you read my previous post on Skin Irritation and Razor burns, you would know how important this is. The Nivea lotion comes enriched with vitamins and a microtech system that can give you a smooth skin.

Under the regular condition of use, the Nivea lotion is expected to last for three months. However, you can easily get a refill from local stores or from amazon. These refills are affordable and getting it should not be a problem.



Charging system

The Philips HS8460 men’s electric shaver takes four hours for a complete shave. This is enough to last you for up to a week because it only takes few minutes to get a complete shave.

Stretch and Lift Rings

The HS8460 men’s electric shaver comes highly equipped with a built-in special ring with a stretching and lifting pattern for more efficient shave. The shaver head is able to smoothly glide over the surface of the skin, at the same time it stretches the skin to lift up the roots close enough against the shaver rings for a closer shave. You don’t have to be worried about this causing skin irritations or razor burns because this stretch and lift rings works together with the Nivea lotion to prevent skin irritations.

Flex Tracker System

The Flex tracking system provides advance shaving for a complete shave and it also offer protection to the skin. The Flex tracker makes it easy for hairs to be easily gripped firmly from the root with each cut for superior closeness. This flex tracker system is able to follow the curves on your face to ensure maximum contact to the skin so a spot is not missed. With this feature, even the well-known difficult neck hair is easily captured.




The Philips HS8460 is a great men’s electric shaver that can give a complete shave and at the same time protecting the face from cuts and irritations. The Nivea conditioner provided makes it a recommend electric shaver for sensitive skin. If you are in need of an electric shaver that offer convenience and make your shaving experience more spectacular, then I think this is what you need.