How to Prevent Skin Irritation and Razor Burns

Maintaining and controlling unwanted hairs, is seen as a much difficult task. And shaving is now a necessity if you wish to never appear untidy. Unfortunately many men are known to experience skin irritation and razor burns after shaving.

This can be very embarrassing especially on the face of men. Aside from them being red and completely visible, they can appear on any area of the body if you make use of the wrong shaving techniques.

This red bumps are one of the things people battle with after shaving. While shaving can be an affordable and a less stressful way of completely getting rid of unwanted hairs, it can be a major setback in your life when it starts causing skin irritation and razor burns.

This skin irritation and razor burns when shaving, leads to a burning sensation in the skin which then appears as red pimples or burns. They sometimes get swollen and can be itchy and suddenly make us uncomfortable.

Electric shavers are generally less prone to cause skin irritation and razor burns when compared to the traditional razors. But, it can still be an issue if you are not making use of the right techniques when shaving.

While electric shavers for sensitive skin are generally much less prone to razor burn when compared to regular razors, it can still be an issue if you don’t use the proper technique. Yet, if you still get these skin irritation or razor burns when making use of an electric shaver, I shall be sharing some tips that can help reduce this problem and improve your shaving experience.

But first, let’s look at the possible causes of skin irritation or razor burns during shave.

Causes of skin irritation or razor burns

This problem is common with men who shave their face regularly and women who shave their legs and armpits.


However the common causes of skin irritation and razor burns are:


  1. Making use of a dull blade.
  2. Making use of hard soaps.
  3. Shaving Dry.
  4. And naturally having a sensitive skin.


Tips to Avoid skin Irritation and Razor Burns after Shaving


Avoiding this skin irritation or razor burns while shaving with traditional razor or electric shaver, begins right before you put the razor in your face. There are quite a few things you ought to know, involving pre-shaving preparation and maintenance of your shaving device.

  1. Before you begin to shave, it is advisable that you wash your face or the place you want to shave with a clean cloth or loofah. This helps remove dead skin cells and prevent in-grown hairs. This is in-grown hairs happens when the hair follicle are growing inward. They irritate the skin the most, which eventually leads to itchy bumps.
  2. Ensure to use sharp blades at all time. This is more common to us, but I think it is worth stating here. Shaving with a dull blade, either on your traditional shaver or electric shaver, can easily lead to razor burns. I know that most models of shavers’ replacement blade are costly to get, but I don’t think letting your face burn it’s worth it. So I think no matter the cost you should always ensure your shaving blades are new and shiny.
  3. Start shaving from the most sensitive areas of your skin when using electric shavers. Most of these devices tend to heats when used for a while and the heats can lead to skin irritation and razor burns.
  4. I will also advice that you shave while in the shower or after a shower when you are making use of an electric shaver that is not water resistant. Using not too cold water can open up pores and help you avoid this irritation. And if you couldn’t shower during/after shave, ensure to rinse your face with warm water.
  5. Ensure to use a razor that comes with two or more parallel blades, and not one of those disposable blades that are not sharp enough. This blades make you shave the same part of your face over and over again, contributing to irritation.
  6. Always start your shave with the grain of your hair. If you don’t know where to find this, this is the place of your face without whiskers. Ensure to start in this direction.
  7. By the time you are done shaving; ensure to rinse your face with either facial lotion or cold water. Then let it air dry.
  8. Lastly, when you are dry, a moisturizer should be applied on your face or the area where you shaved. They are good in soothing your skin and fixing damages.


Using Electric Shavers with Built-in Gel Dispensers

When you buy most electric shavers you can find a built-in gel dispenser that lubricates your face while you shave. They help reduce friction, which also helps in eliminating your skin irritation and razor burns.


If you can take heed to this techniques and make them part of your shaving lifestyle, then you will experience progress in removing this skin irritation and razor burns from your skin.